Steven B. Oleson

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Steve Oleson, who’s licensed as a certified public accountant and a certified management accountant, specializes in the accounting and auditing side of the practice. He spends much of his time working on nonprofit, employee benefit plan, compliance and other business audits, and providing controller services to nonprofits.

Assisting such a diverse client base and helping them manage their business finances is what he likes most about his job. “I don’t have one boss; I have hundreds,” he said. “Each client is my boss, and you never know what they’ll need help with.”

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, Steve worked in a regional CPA firm in the Reno area for several years. He moved to Roseburg in 1996 and became a Wicks Emmett LLP partner in 2000.

While he finds helping individuals and businesses with their taxes and audits to be rewarding, Steve also enjoys assisting the area’s nonprofit agencies, including the Wildlife Safari, UCC Foundation, Sunrise Enterprises, Umpqua Homes, INC,  and Peace at Home Advocacy Center, to name just a few.

“We have so many different nonprofit groups in our community,” he said. “And most are driven forward by volunteer work or they’re operating on a shoestring budget, but they’re still accomplishing great things. They’re striving to make things better. I think they are a testament to what makes our community a great place to live.”

Steve also advises the UCC Strong campaign and supports numerous other nonprofit organizations.

Steve and his wife, Cheryl, enjoy watching classic movies and traveling to visit their five kids, as well as all their grandchildren. Both are outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy recreational shooting at the local gun range. Cheryl stays busy volunteering for several local fundraising committees. In his quiet time, Steve enjoys exploring Russian literature and Russian and military history. four dogs, three cats and two horses keep the empty-nesters busy at home.

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  • Nonprofits, real estate, employee benefit plans, wholesale distribution, small businesses

  • Auditing; accounting support services; retirement plan services; pension plan audits; individual, partnership and corporate tax; forensic accounting

  • B.S., Business Administration-Accounting, University of Nevada

  • CPA, CMA

  • Steve owns two pinball machines. His favorite is his original-owner, mint condition 2003 “Lord of the Rings” machine manufactured by Stern Pinball.

  • Contact Steve by e-mail
    or phone: 541-673-4423

“I don’t have one boss; I have hundreds. Each client is my boss, and you never know what they’ll need help with.”Steve