Founding Partners

Wicks Emmett LLP wouldn’t exist today without founding partners Thomas R. Wicks, Robert M. Hatfield and David A. Emmett. They set the standards of integrity, quality and professionalism – as well as work-life balance and a commitment to community improvement – that remain at the center of the practice.

Thomas R Wicks portrait

Thomas R. Wicks

Founding Partner

Tom Wicks completed his 52nd tax season in 2015. “Some of those returns were for clients who were with me my first year here in Roseburg — in 1964,” he said.

A native of Cottage Grove, Tom attended both Oregon State University and the University of Oregon in the early ’60s. He worked for a CPA company based in Eugene and Roseburg for a few years before buying the Roseburg office in 1968.

Tom primarily does taxation, retirement planning and estate planning for longtime clients. “The client relationship is much more than business,” he said. “It becomes a friendship, and it’s so rewarding to see the same people year after year.”

Both Tom and his wife, LaVonne, devoted a lot of time to community and civic affairs over the years. Tom served as president or chair of the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce, the Roseburg Kiwanis Club, the Roseburg Country Club and the Chamber Greeters.

Tom spends much of his free time indulging his passion for underwater and wildlife photography. Colorful images of tropical fish and rainbow-hued reefs from the Coral Triangle and the Great Barrier Reef adorn his office walls, along with dynamic images of Oregon’s rugged coastline. “If I could have another career, I’d probably be a marine biologist,” he said.

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David A. Emmett portrait

David A. Emmett

Founding Partner

Retiring from Wicks Emmett LLP in 2014, Dave Emmett originally joined the firm in 1999 when he merged his CPA practice with the then-named Wicks Hatfield and Chappell. He still resides in the area and is enjoying his golden years in the Umpqua Valley.