Staff Profile: Jim Treanor-Weaver

It takes an analytical, creative mind to help companies articulate and achieve their financial goals. Jim Treanor-Weaver has the experience and talent to do just that – and then some.

“I enjoy doing what I can to help a company grow,” said Jim, who started with Wicks Emmett LLP in 2003, becoming partner in 2009. “I help them understand financial goals, set targets and provide steps to achieve those goals. I like drilling down to the root of issues.”

Specializing in business consulting, contract CFO-type work and commercial auditing, Jim mainly focuses on clients in the healthcare field. His work includes business planning, establishing budgets and helping fine-tune company operations.

A lifelong resident of the greater Roseburg area, Jim grew up in Winston and Tenmile, and graduated from the University of Oregon. His strong business background stems from the eight years he spent with a regional CPA firm, followed by six years in private industry as a controller and CFO.

Jim has served on the board of the Boys and Girls Club for more than a decade. He and Krisy, his wife of 23 years, also support numerous charities, including the Wildlife Safari.

Aside from their dedicated community involvement, Jim and Krisy are working hard to landscape a piece of property in the Tenmile area that was part of his great-grandfather’s original homestead. In addition, Krisy has an art studio that the couple is getting ready to convert into a space for Jim’s mother to live in. Jim and Krisy also have a 115-pound Newfoundland dog named Max – that goes to work with Jim a couple days a week

“He’s usually lying beside me.” Jim said. “If I need to move my chair, it takes some maneuvering to get around him.”