Staff Profile: Steve Oleson

This month we want to introduce you to Wicks Emmett partner, Steve Oleson. 

Steve is licensed as a CPA and certified management accountant, and specializes in the accounting and auditing side of the practice.

While he finds helping individuals and businesses with their taxes and audits to be rewarding, Steve also enjoys assisting the area’s nonprofit agencies, including the Wildlife Safari, UCC Foundation, Sunrise Enterprises, Umpqua Homes for the Handicapped and Battered Persons’ Advocacy, to name just a few. Assisting such a diverse client base and helping them manage their business finances is what he likes most about his job.

Steve and his wife, Cheryl, enjoy watching classic movies and traveling to visit their five kids. Cheryl stays busy volunteering for several local fundraising committees. Two dogs, two horses and four chickens keep the empty-nesters busy at home.