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358 NE Winchester 

Roseburg, Oregon 97470

Telephone:  541-673-4423

Fax: 541-673-0287

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Klamath Falls, Oregon  97601

Telephone: 541-882-4645

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Grayson Bly

Accounting, Tax Services

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Jamie Edwards, CPA

Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services

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Jeremy Chappell, CPA

Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services Email Jeremy

Dell Gray, CPA

Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services Email Dell

Debbie Hall

Administrative Assistant

Jolene Herinckx

Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services

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Charlotte Hoshino

Quickbooks Pro Advisor

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Nina Lundy

Accounting, Payroll Services

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David McGinnis, CPA, ABV

Valuation and Tax Services

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Denice Pearson

Administrative Assistant

Jackie Powers

Administrative Assistant

Diana Rudd

Payroll services, General accounting

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Becky Simpson, CPA

Estate and Trust Services

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Joyce Snyder, LTP

Accounting and Payroll Services

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Lavonne Wicks

Administrative Assistant

Janet Young

Office and

Human Resources Manager

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Rachel Young

Accounting and Tax Services

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